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PUREFOODS Seafood Delights

PUREFOODS Seafood Delights

PUREFOODS Seafood Delights is a delicious, healthy and Eats So Easy to prepare seafood meal that will surely be loved by the whole family. It is made from 100% real seafood and is inherently healthier than other meat proteins.

Enjoy the all new PUREFOODS Seafood Delights – available in light & crispy Shrimp Tempura, scrumptious crunchy Tail-on Shrimp, lightly spiced Squid Rings, and juicy Fish Nuggets.

With PUREFOODS Seafood Delights, families can savour delicious seafood goodness in every bite at the convenience of their homes. A Sea of Tasty Possibilities! Eats so Easy!

Hurry and buy now in leading supermarkets nationwide!